Freedom Missions

FREEDOM Missions, launched during the height of COVID in the summer of 2020.  When the schools shut down in Horry County, Meals on Wheels had the opportunity to step up and serve the children through their food program.  In this season, God made it abundantly clear that His vision for this ministry was to serve not only the homebound, shut in and elderly- but also to provide meals, comfort, and spread His love to families in lower income neighborhoods in our community.  Through this vision, SEED was formed and is the foundation in which FREEDOM Missions operates. 

S- Sowing the SEEDS

Everything we do is based around planting the “seeds” of God’s word and the love of Jesus in the hearts of those we come in contact with.  

E- Educating Others

New programs are being developed to train individuals in these communities in different trades that can break some of the chains of poverty.  Such programs include laying tiles/flooring, cooking/chef skills, how to build a resume, change oil/tires, and sewing skills. 

E- Empower

In order for the youth and adults to be the change in their neighborhoods, they must first see it to be it.  We will empower others who have the heart to make a difference in their culture.

D- Deploy

Those impacted in the neighborhoods by the mission will deploy and go out to witness, testify, and share the love and plant the SEED of hope.

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